Sunday, 17 June 2012

Butt kicking time

OK I shall allow all my readers & followers to kick my butt. I've been away for far too long & have not even had the chance to reply to the lovely comments that my readers have left.

Last month I started a new job in a local charity shop (I'm now the new assistant manager) & to be honest this is the first time I have felt human enough to sit at my poorly missed netbook & write. (big awww). It's been great starting the job & I'm loving every minute of it but my poor brain & energy had sizzled. I don't think I have ever slept so much on my days off lol! It's physical, fun & i get to meet lovely but interesting characters.

But by starting the job I have neglected my writing & those who read this blog. So this was my way of saying sorry & to let people know I haven't disappeared lol.

I have also, in between working, managed to finish my degree...woohoo!! I should get my final result for the honours classification in August, so I shall be nervously biting my nails & checking the website everyday lol! Hence it has been a crazy, busy month.

Thankfully though I remembered Father's day & managed to send a gift & card to my dad...who has become a technology geek :o) it's actually quite funny as before he had trouble even texting people, but now he downloads apps, instant messages me & can upload photos & send them in an email! Way to go dad lol. Bless him, he has been getting excited telling me about all these new things he can do ha! I'm so proud of him.

I also want to say how proud I am of A.H. Browne for getting her other book published online... she is also offering free downloads of her book on certain days so go grab her book & have a good read :o)

I will have to keep up with my writing now & I might just add some amusing stories of the shop along the way. There must be a book in there somewhere lol. :o)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wheels on the scooter.

Whoever came up with this ‘toy’ idea needs their head re-examining. Yes it may be a great way to get kids out in the fresh air but they do also have legs…let them walk.

I’m on a bit of a rant for this one as they scooters drive me nuts. There is still a craze for these things & every kid appears to have one. What’s the attraction? I have no idea what makes a child what one of those.

I see mothers walking to or from school carrying these either on buggies or in their hands just for their kid to ride home on or to school on. Then when you’re walking down the street YOU have to move for the kids on these because they have no breaks & if YOU don’t move 1. The kid may fall of the scooter or 2. You get hit by it.

I’ve had one go into the back of my ankles & yeah it hurt & yes I wanted to curse but you can’t because there are kids around. We also have kids riding these past our flat. Now when someone is riding one all you can hear is the thump of the wheels going over paving slabs. It’s annoying & especially as its downhill they go back up & come down over & over again. All you can hear is the thump, thump, thump. OMG.  It’s like a drill or an alarm…once the noise is in your head it won’t go & sometimes it takes ages before you realise it’s not happening anymore!

When I was a child we had bikes or our legs. If we wanted to meet friends or play outside we walked one foot in front of the other or rode silently. We had nothing that made annoying sounds. I even removed my bell from my bike as I couldn’t stand it & it annoyed me.

So I don’t get what makes these scooters so noisy & why kids ride them without any protective gear? No helmet, no pads. I watched a kid the other day that jumped off a kerb & fell into the road. He got straight back up & his friends began to giggle at him. A stunt gone wrong. But what if he had really hurt himself? He had no protective gear on so he could have banged his head, broken a bone or got hit by a car.

I sometimes see a few kids trying to do stunts on these tiny scooters, jumping of kerbs etc. But they don’t have a care in the world about it & their own safety, however surely the parents would care when they a call saying your son/daughter has been taken down A&E?

It’s madness & of course now the summer is meant to be coming all the kids will be out on these things showing off to their friends & probably going home with a few cuts & grazes, but if I was a parent I’d make sure protective gear was worn at all times or quite simply not give into the hype & not buy them one.

Perhaps they should be banned unless the right protective equipment is worn with them or perhaps face a fine of some sort? We can get fined for not wearing helmets on bikes so what’s the difference for the small scooters?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

GBE 2 Guilty Pleasures

I’ll let you into a little secret. My guilty pleasure is magazines. I love nothing better than sitting down with a cuppa & a good magazine.

I buy my dose of magazines each week & also a few monthly ones. I love the glossy pages, the chat pages & the real life stories, I glance over the fashion pages wishing I had hundreds to splash on a new bag or shoes but magazine window shopping is so much cheaper! I enjoy the adverts trying to sell me everything except a new kitchen sink & then I turn to the star signs & the world could fall apart! I also buy the fiction magazines & have a good read of the short stories wishing that I had kicked my bad ass to sit & write the short story that I’ve had notes on for ages.

I always stick to the same magazines. Grazia is my favourite weekly; Glamour & Cosmo are my favourite monthlies. I subscribe to Glamour & still get excited when it drops through the letter box each month!

This month though I was a bit peeved as one shop got to sell that magazine with a freebie in it which was exclusive to them this meant that even subscribers didn’t get the gift :o( this is my other guilty pleasure associated with magazines…the freebies! I love them. Yes I’m one of those people who will buy a magazine just for the: body butters/shower gels/mascaras/nail polish/ hair products/flip flops/sarongs & even books. I just love a good freebie with a magazine!

I will happily browse the shelves looking for that perfect read yet I normally end up reading the whole magazine in one sitting & find myself wishing that I had savoured each glossy page a little longer as then I wouldn’t I have to wait the whole month or week for the next glossy dose of magazine guilty pleasures. 


To write your own Guilty Pleasure story & join the GBE 2 go check out the post & details at: Word Nerd Speaks.


A-Z Reflections Post

I’ve spotted that most people have been writing their reflection posts on the A-Z challenge. So I thought I’d better get my ass in gear & write mine.

I loved the challenge, I enjoyed the idea of blogging everyday & having an excuse to actually write & get something out into the world. Every day I wrote longhand first in my notebook then typed it up & posted it. My posts seemed to be so much cleverer sounding this way than if I’d just written them straight up lol.

I settled on a theme for my posts as I knew I’d probably end up rambling on about anything & everything, so I chose to write about food & drink. Excellent & easy I thought. Oh how wrong I was.

It was fun, exciting & interesting but also very challenging especially when my internet decided to let me down for over a week. That annoyed the hell out of me but I came back fighting & flooded my poor readers with more posts to go through than even I would manage to read!

I met some wonderful people through the challenge who were kind enough to comment on my posts & I gained some new followers! Yay me! I’ve enjoyed receiving the comments & reading their work, there are some fantastic blogs out there! (Scroll down my list to find some new blogs to read & show them some love).

My only problem with the challenge was trying to read all the blogs that had entered. I know a few people were trying to read them all before the month was up. But for me that won’t happen, instead I’m going to potter over them in my own time, taking it all in then leaving a lovely comment :o) I want to see how others embraced the challenge & I do feel guilty for not following them all from the start, but as we all know there are only so many hours in a day & so much battery life my poor phone could handle when the internet saga began!

Technology let me down at a crucial point but I’m pleased I finished the challenge even if I slightly bent the rules. Would I do it again? Most definitely, but now I know this challenge exists (this was my first time & I only discovered it a few days before it started) I will plan ahead. I will dedicate time to pre-writing the posts before next April & then I’ll be ahead of any problems they may crop up…so take that Mr Internet Company!!

I will be brave & embark on this journey next year & the year after that & hopefully the year after that as well & along the way I hope to meet more wonderful people who enjoy my writing & wish to follow future posts.

Thank you to all my readers, followers, new friends & of course the A-Z Team who without them this challenge would not exist. So here’s to next year *raises a glass of water as the Pimms & Wine went to her head* :o)

Sunday, 29 April 2012


I tried to think of a food beginning with ‘Z’ but nothing came to me so I thought Zest would probably be a good ending to the A-Z challenge.

I started on a dessert & I’ll end on an ingredient that goes into desserts. Ooh now that made me look clever & imaginative.

At school I did food technology as part of my GCSE’s, most desserts I made listed the Zest of a: orange/lemon/lime. Zest seemed to be put in everything & I felt like I was always grating a fruit of some kind. Then it advised in the recipe that you could always decorate the dessert with a sprinkle of Zest.

If you watch cookery programmes you can see that by grating or peeling the chefs always manage to use the zest of a fruit. I mean it does give the dessert an extra zingy taste & it does help a good dessert taste that little bit better. I wonder who came up with the brainwave of using the zest.


Well that's it, the end of the A-Z Challenge. It has been a roller coaster ride & one that I enjoyed every moment of. I have had some lovely new readers & I have found some really great blogs out there that i shall be following from now on. Thank you to all those who did this journey with me & I'm sure that this time next year I'll be doing another A-Z challenge! 


I love Yogurt especially Greek style yogurt but unfortunately I can no longer eat it unless I want stomach cramps for days.

Recently there was a new Greek style yogurt that appeared & I wanted it badly, each time I saw it advertised I thought yep I’d love that, it would taste divine but I knew I’d be risking my poor stomach.

I’m quite good now at knowing what I can & can’t risk eating. My normal chicken kormas are out because of the cream & so now is yogurts. Which is a shame but it’s better that way than to suffer 24 hours down the line.

Obviously I miss eating good things like yogurt & I wish the companies made alternatives for those who can’t eat them. I’ve tried searching the shelves but there is no alternative out there. Maybe I need to write to them & pass on my thoughts then if they made an alternative I could finally enjoy a nice yogurt again. 

Xmas cake

Ok again I had trouble with this letter & by doing a little search I came up with Xmas cake which I know is a little cheat as its technically called Christmas cake. But hey I always use the word Xmas so here goes…

I have no idea why people came up with this idea. We now have birthday cakes, Easter cakes, Mother’s day cakes, Valentine’s Day cakes & of course Xmas cake. A cake for all occasions! To me it’s crazy & to be honest a bit of a con. I feel that the industries pray on people’s feelings etc to make us buy these things at special times of the year where they make billions.

Ok enough politics ha! I have never eaten Xmas cake. I used to watch my mum making one every year for the whole family to enjoy, she would decorate it & alongside that she do the Xmas pudding with brandy sauce to pour on top which you then set light to. I would look at the cake & smell it but never wanted to eat it. I don’t know why, I guess it just never really appealed to me. So each Xmas I would eat Xmas dinner & then skip on Xmas dessert (see what I did there lol). I would watch everyone else eat the Xmas cake whilst I ate a Satsuma. Ooh yes I’m really that adventurous.

The only thing I enjoyed about Xmas cake was that once it was eaten I knew it would be another year before another one was presented on the table with the same Father Xmas, Xmas tree & Xmas presents (see did it again. Ha.) figurines on top that had somehow lasted year after year.

Xmas decorations appear to be the only things that keep on going & going. If you had a decoration/clock/jewellery/something hanging/jumpers etc they would never last that long. It amazes me how a tree decoration you made at school age 5/6 could possibly continue to be as good 20+ years later. Amazing! Maybe that debate is good for another post…


Wine. Ooh how I love that word & even more so the drink itself. I do enjoy a nice glass of cold dry white wine occasionally. I do not drink red wine or sweet white wine but I do also like a Rosé wine again when it’s cold.

I’ve tasted some really nice wines & some really awful ones. But there’s nothing better than on a warm summers evening having a glass of chilled white wine, extremely chilled, in fact so chilled that the glass becomes wet. Savouring the taste, allowing it to slide down slowly & to do the cliché thing of going “ahhh” after each sip.

Then you have champagne to put into the mix. At Christmas I drank champers with orange juice which was delicious & a perfect drink to have alongside a good turkey!

Yes the good old wine, something that supposedly gets better with age…is there anything more I need say? Ha. 


Vegemite. It’s like Marmite. Or a Marmite alternative. The slogan for it (& Marmite) is you either love it or hate it. For me I hate it.

Vegemite I believe you can only get from Australia. You can’t get it in the UK, thankfully!

My sister loved Marmite. She used to spread it on toast; in sandwiches & to be honest it stunk! It was thick black/brown goo in a jar. I can’t even really describe the smell, the minute she opened the jar I was out of that kitchen. I really cannot stand the stuff.

It looks like grease, smells vile & would never be in my cupboards. Nope I’m not a fan of either & never will be. Instead I’m a hate it fan!


Ok yes I was stuck for a food beginning with ‘U’. A quick search on my phone produced this word: Unagi which is Japanese for eel.

Well what can I say about it…I do NOT like eel. Full stop. There…

They are slimy, rubbery, long, curly, horrible looking, smelly, just gross really.

You get the picture.

Would I ever eat eel? Urgh nope! No way! Not in my lifetime. Do I admire those who can stomach it…yes I guess I do because to me it looks chewy & tasteless. If anyone has tried it please tell us all what it tastes like & I hope they don’t say “it tastes just like chicken”! 


Tea. I am a tea-oholic. I love my cuppas. They can’t be too strong & definitely can’t be too milky. They have to look medium in strength & then it tastes divine. I used to drink too many cuppas in a day; I would constantly have my cup topped up & think “ooh I’ll just have one more”. I could never get enough of tea but then I suffered from not sleeping because of the caffeine. Catch 22. You love a good cuppa but have too many & you can’t sleep.

I’ve cut down my consumption but sometimes I do crave just one more. I am never bothered as to what tea I drink; I have a cheap branded teabag or a nice PG tip. To me it doesn’t matter & it seems to taste the same. However the other day we got a good bargain on Twinning’s tea. Now there’s a brand that tastes wonderful. Yes I can tell when I’ve had a Twinning’s but normally this brand is so expensive hence this bargain could not be missed. What’s the point of spending £3-£4 on a box when I can get more in a box of a cheaper brand for about £1? No brainer.

But when I got the Twinning’s & put that first teabag in a cup & took the first sip I realised how good the stuff really is. Now I’m addicted again ha! But seriously it annoys me how with an expensive brand you feel like you can’t keep using or drinking it as it spoils you & then you know you’ll miss it when it’s all gone!

I remember discussing tea making with a few people once & the same debates kept coming up: do you put milk in first then add water? Do you put water in first then add milk? Sugar before milk/water or after? Do you let it brew in your cup before adding milk?

For me the answers are simple: put the teabag & sugar in the cup while the kettle is boiling, once boiled pour the water into the cup, add milk, stir to preferred strength & squeeze out the teabag, stir a final time & then drink with an added “ahhh” for the final effect.


Spinach. Nope I’m not Popeye…although his muscle power would be good sometimes. But like Popeye I do enjoy a bit of spinach, even though I haven’t had it in ages.

It wasn’t until I saw a lady in Iceland’s buying a frozen bag of spinach that I remembered how much I do like it. I did not know that they now provide frozen bags of the stuff & it may be something I’ll have to try; I mean it can’t be all that bad can it?

Yes I know that perhaps sometimes frozen vegetables are not good for you but at other times they are quick & easy to do. You just throw them into a pan of boiling water for a few minutes & bobs your uncle they are done.

I will definitely give this bag of spinach a go as there’s no harm in trying it & as I eat it I’ll imagine I’m turning into Popeye & developing very strong muscles to help save the world.  

Rice Pudding

Rice pudding. When I mention to most people that I enjoy rice pudding I get strange looks & the reasons why no one should like rice pudding. It all boils down to school days & in particular school lunches.

Every school lunch contained sloppy rice pudding. Kids everywhere hated the stuff. It looked disgusting, smelt awful & tasted gross. I actually seem to be the only person who enjoyed & liked rice pudding.

Ok yes it doesn’t particularly taste of anything special & it doesn’t look appealing but it is a great winter warmer. Heat it up & pour in a bowl, snuggle under a blanket & enjoy. It’s filling but doesn’t over power your stomach.

I can understand people’s fear of rice pudding but I feel it’s one of those things that will keep going & going even though you rarely hear about it or see it advertised anymore. I say hail the rice pudding! Plus you can put any topping on it: honey/jam etc, it’s versatile & great to eat. 


Quiche. Ok what is it about quiche that you either love it or hate it (a bit like marmite…& for the record I hate that stuff) anyways I do like quiche particularly the one with bacon & cheese in it.

The only thing I can never decide on is if I prefer it hot or cold. When I eat it hot I wish it was cold & just out of the fridge then if I eat it cold I wish it was slightly warm. Yes you may call me odd/strange or fussy right about now & yes you would be right in thinking that! Ha.

I like the smell of quiche cooking & then I enjoy the crust around it when it’s hard & crunchy. Yum! I’ve tried a vegetable one but it wasn’t to my liking. So I stick with what I know, love & trust. It may be less healthy with all that cheese & bacon but hey no worries if I put lettuce with it I’ll kid my body into thinking I’m being healthy lol! 


Pimms. It’s Pimms o’clock time. That’s the catchphrase here in the UK for this particular drink. The minute the sun comes out then so does the Pimms.

The only way to drink it is in a jug, with lots of ice, slices of fruit: strawberries/cucumber/apple/orange/mint & then top up with lemonade. All I can say is OMG! This summery drink is divine & perfect for warm days & long warm evenings.

The fruit in this drink gives it an extra taste that is hard to describe, yes it’s alcoholic but as long as you don’t overdo the Pimms in a jug & put plenty of lemonade in then hey you could drink it all night…just don’t drive!

So next time the sun is shining or when it’s warm & you sit in the garden perhaps watching the sun set grab a jug of Pimms, pour yourself one, sit back & enjoy. After all its Pimms o’clock.  

Orange Juice

OJ. Not OJ Simpson but orange juice. I’m an OJ addict especially when I’m feeling under the weather. If I have a cold or a sniffle I turn to the orange juice & drink litres of the stuff. My body knows when I need it & will beg me to fill it up with the sweet liquid.

I do not like the one with bits in. ooh no way! The bits make it actually I don’t think I can find the right words to describe it so I’m just gonna say yuk! The orange juice I drink has to be smooth no bits just smooth sweet juice.

If I’m feeling under the weather I know glasses of OJ will make me perk up & it seems to work within a few glasses, I always feel like I’m glowing. If you probably squeezed me I’ll end up producing juice! Ha.


Nuts. Not as in how I would describe myself but the food nut.

My husband loves nuts, he nibbles on them most days & has a habit that makes me giggle where he’ll pour a few out of a packet (dry roasted are his favourite) onto a plate & he’ll pick at them over the evening. Whereas I would pick at them straight out of the packet, I only eat salted nuts occasionally but only if I crave them but my husband will graze on nuts all evening.

I used to remember when bowls of nuts were put on bars for people to nibble on, the reason being was that the salt would make you thirstier & therefore you’d drink more making more profit for the owners. Oh yes they were not silly!

Until the health facts came out & they found that the bowls actually contained many people’s urine! Yuk. It told people that “hey many people don’t wash their hands” & “that you’re eating people’s pee!” oh yeah we loved them for letting us all know that information! I bet people stopped eating nuts straight after that! But I will guarantee that if you put bowls of nuts out now people will still eat them…why? Because when we drink we like to nibble & by nibbling nuts you will drink more!

It’s definitely a catch 22. Hence bags of nuts are now sold instead. So remember if you go somewhere where there are bowls of nuts be it at someone’s house/a party/or a bar there’s every chance that there are high levels of urine in those bowls. You have been warned. 


Ooh how I love a melon.

A watermelon perhaps with the pink juicy fruit that is so watery in your mouth as you bite into it.

Or perhaps a honeydew which contains a sweet flavour in a whitish flesh of fruit alongside the softness as you nibble it.

The trouble with me & a honeydew is that I put extra sprinklings of sugar on it before I eat it. I know it’s bad when you’re eating a healthy piece of fruit but for me it gives it an extra kick.

I actually do love melon & would happily eat it every day but I’m one of those people who get bored with food & so if I brought a melon I know I wouldn’t eat it all. Anytime I fancy some melon I might buy it as a treat & hope I’ll finish it in time before it can’t be eaten any more or I’ll buy it in a can even though it may not taste the same.

Even thinking about melon makes my mouth water & watermelon is always the first thing I’ll eat when I’m on holiday…I actually probably over eat on it!  


Lemonade. I’m normally a cola drinking girl but there would be only two occasions where I would drink lemonade: 1. when I have dry Martini Blanco with ice & slice of lemon topped up with lemonade 2. & when I have an upset stomach…probably from drinking the Martini above ha! But joking aside it does work for an upset stomach. I learnt it working behind a bar & still swear by it.

If you pour lemonade into a glass & then stir it with a fork until it goes flat, then drink it. Flat lemonade for some strange reason actually helps ease a dodgy tummy, I have no idea how or why but it does.

Sometimes I do enjoy a cold glass of lemonade especially the cloudy lemonade. When I see a bottle of cloudy lemonade I have to buy it then drink it non-stop. It has a much sweeter & nicer taste than normal lemonade. But I haven’t tried cloudy lemonade with the Martini…maybe I should just to see what it would taste like…now there’s a thought.


Kiwi. Nope I’m not talking about the animal from New Zealand. I’m talking about that brown hairy fruit that is green inside. Ok yep it sounds disgusting. Actually it sounds of putting to eat but it’s not, it’s rather lovely.

I do really enjoy eating this fruit. As a kid I liked the hairy brown skin, it was odd & made me giggle when I touched it as it kind of felt like that fuzzy felt stuff. When my mum cut it up I would stare in wonder at the green squishy fruit inside. It fascinated me & I thought it looked amazing. I would eat it on its own or in a fruit cocktail. I really liked it & actually I think I was the only one who did!

From a kids point of view it looked like frog spawn. It was soft & really squishy to eat. I’d make my mum cut the skin off first then I’d gobble the green fruit up in delight.

I do the same now. I’ll buy one or two, spend ages peeling the skin off then slice it up into pieces & eat it, still thinking about how it looks like frog spawn. It doesn’t really contain any flavour so I don’t actually know why I like it. Maybe my body just enjoys the fascination of cutting into the brown skin & finding a juicy green fruit inside. 


Images courtesy of Morguefile


I have to apologise to my followers & readers. My internet decided to let me down right in the middle of the A-Z challenge! Perfect timing huh! I was being charged extra to go on the internet on top of the monthly allowance…not good at all. So the internet was off limits until now. I have been writing these up in a word document & will now have to flood my blog with each post as I really wanted to complete this challenge. So sorry in advance for the flood of posts. I will also get round to the wonderful comments left by my readers; I appreciate each & every one of them.

So here we go with the rest of the A-Z challenge…oh how I’ve missed posting these up…

Jelly. I remember eating jelly as a child at birthday parties mixed with ice cream. It was always presented in a colourful paper plate with a plastic spoon. You’d sometimes get a mixture of jellies with a blob of melting vanilla ice cream. Why are jellies mainly suited to children? & why are they given at birthday parties.

The set routine at parties is: Jelly & ice cream then you all gather around for pass the parcel. The perfect party mixture! Kids would run over to tables squealing with delight the minute jelly & ice cream was mentioned, it would probably be the only time parents could get excited children to all sit quietly at a table. Kids would then be giggling over the wobbly jelly on a spoon even with a glint or idea in their eyes of chasing the others with it. Jelly equalled fun.

I love jelly (yes even as an adult) it’s quick to eat even if sometimes it appears to have no flavour. You know when you want to really taste the strawberry or blackcurrant within it but you get nothing but a mild twang. That leaves disappointment in my mouth.

I enjoyed making jelly as a child when you could rip up the sticky cubes into a bowl & pour hot water over them stirring before letting them melt completely & then placing the bowl into the fridge to reset. At which point you could then help yourself to it over the evening never really stopping at the first mouthful.

Jelly to me gives me visions of laughter, joy & even silliness. Even now it’s amusing & slightly exciting wondering as a joke to serve jelly & ice cream at adult birthday parties mixing it with beer/wine/champagne & a BBQ lol. Jelly brings back fond memories of childhoods where Jelly & ice cream were a fun thing to eat & enjoy at a young period of life but that would continue to be a part of your life as you have your own kids & their parties. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A writer shout out: A.H. Browne

A dear friend of mine published her book as an eBook recently. I should have done a shout out when I found out, instead I sent her an email telling her how much I was dancing around for her lol.

I am so proud of her though as I know how long & hard she has worked on her book to get it perfect for her audience alongside writing her other books...that will also become available once she knows they are completely right.

However now she is giving people the chance to download her book for free until the 11th April. I know how good this book is & how great her writing is full stop so you must go & check her site out. Pass the notice onto friends & family, lets help other writers get noticed & enjoy the books they work so hard on to produce.

A.H.Browne is a wonderful, warm, kind & funny lady who will tell it as it is. So why not pop over say hello & show some love on her site which contains a wealth of information for aspiring writers as well daily debates on questions she posts.

In the mean time well done Miss A.H Browne, you are one special lady who deserves this shout out.

Ice Cream

As a child my favourite thing was ice cream. I would only eat it during the summer months (as I felt stupid eating it in winter…I was cold enough so I didn’t colder things entering my system!) & then I’d be lost for choice when faced with the task of choosing an ice cream.

Mr whippy 99 with a flake was always my favourite. The soft fluffy ice cream within a crunchy cone & a chocolate flake. Summers were never the same without having one of these.

If I couldn’t have that I’d choose an orange ice lolly or mini milk or a feast. Now there’s an ice lolly. Chocolate wrapped in chocolate filled with more chocolate. Yum…a messy ice lolly but a delicious one! The one I had at home was a Neapolitan…the ice cream of different flavours in one hit. Oh my how tasty that was. Then I discovered Vienetta. Now that was one dangerous discovery lol. I would munch my way through that in days & go back for seconds. I always love the sound of the hard chocolate cracking under the spoon then you hit the soft ice cream. Heavenly.

There was always one ice cream I never really got or enjoyed. Choc Ice. Now who came up with that silly idea? Ok yes they are great for kids but no one thought of the safest non messiest way to eat them. In fact the only decent way to eat them is in a bowl.

My Nan used to stock her freezer with them for “all us kids”. We would descend on her during our summer time off from school, play in the garden for hours then ask for ice cream. We were handed one of these & sent back outside to eat them. The first mistake was sending us back into the sun with ice cream and the second mistake was letting us run back through the house demanding tissues, wipes, or water.

The choc ice’s were in wrappers, you’d carefully undo it to start with then you’d begin to eat it as delicately as you could but because they ALWAYS took so long to eat & with the warmth from the sun they would begin to melt within minutes! This meant melted ice cream gathered in the wrapper that you needed to undo in order to eat more of the choc ice. This all led to disaster as you’d end up ripping the wrapper of in a panic to eat the rest of the ice cream before more melted, instead though you would be covered in it!

So although I love ice cream I’d say to anyone who wants to eat a choc ice…put it in a bowl first!  


Hamburgers. One simple word…yum! I love hamburgers especially with melted cheese on them & a dollop of ketchup. Not too much ketchup though as it spoils the taste! You put just enough in to give it a small kick.

I don’t like/need/want anything else in a burger. I don’t like it when they are over filled with onions, lettuce, tomatoes etc & if I have a Macdonald’s cheeseburger then the first thing I’ll do is rip out that slice of Gherkin thingy. Yuck!

One time my sister produced a homemade hamburger to me. I eyed it with fascination & with a watering mouth took a bite. Then when I looked down I gasped, to me it looked pink. I talked to her about this but the problem now with chefs is that their burgers are always served slightly on the rare side. I told her to take it away & cook it for longer. Me & rare beef do not gel. If you eat meat then it has to be cooked well & that goes for hamburgers too.

I know when I need red meat as my body starts a weird thing of craving it & this will last for days until that craving satisfied then it won’t appear for ages. Much like an itch really. When it’s been scratched its happy, when I have red meat I’m happy.

But I find cooking burgers a pain in the backside. There’s so much mess, oil, grease, etc then the smell lingers for days no matter how many windows you open.

Tonight I may indulge in the local take away & have a treat of a lovely warm hamburger filled with melting cheese & ketchup because the red meat is starting to be craved…damn my choice of a food A-Z!  

Friday, 6 April 2012

GBE2 Dancing.


During my time at school (which feels like a long time ago now) I took dance as a subject. I loved it & still love it. But I no longer do it.

There were always more girls than boys in the class & in fact at one point we only had 1 boy amongst about 15+ of us girls. It was unfair on him, he however loved it & actually was a good dancer.

We would start by doing our stretches then we’d move on to the set pieces we either had to learn & perform in front of the others or we would study techniques of other dancers & then have to choreograph our own piece of dance. It was good fun, interesting & in the end important for our grading & exams.

I continued to dance at various times…mainly when I’d had a few drinks…but I have never joined a dance class. I know I would actually feel shy dancing in front of others even after doing it for 3-4 years. I get stage fright badly & this effects the things I would love to do. Dancing being one of them.

I looked in to doing Zumba dancing but the cold wimped me out…ok that is one really lame excuse but really who wants to go out at night when it is frozen, sweat through dancing then go back out in the cold? Not me. No way. So I haven’t been Zumba dancing, which actually annoys me as I do want to give it a go & see if I have the stammer to dance for an hour. Perhaps now that the weather is getting warmer I’ll be brave enough to at least attend one session just to put my curiosity at bay. If I do I’ll be sure to let you know. If not then I’ll keep secretly dancing round my living room to faint music & pray that no one sees me!

~ Why not come & join the GBE2 group? It’s good fun & happens once a week. For more information head on over to & look at this post about us: ~


Gin. Personally I do not drink Gin for me it tastes too sour. But when I worked behind a bar gin was a regular drink for others.

I would offer a ‘double’ or ‘single’ shot, then you’d have to ask if they wanted a slice of lemon in it & ice before cracking the top of a bottle of tonic. Now I’ve seen & been asked for some strange drinks in my time behind a bar, that’s another post perhaps, but one time I actually frowned when someone asked for gin & bitter lemon.

Because I was so used to the usual gin & tonic requests this one threw me somewhat. But I served it & continued to serve it from that day on. But I never really grasped the gin & tonic thing. I know obviously people have many different drinks they like & enjoy but gin has that sour taste anyway & then tonic also has a sourish taste so what’s the point of mixing them together & who came up with that idea in the first place?

Mind you who comes up with the idea for mixers anyway? & why do we all follow those ideas? Gin will never be on my drinking list but I guess others in some ways find it refreshing to drink & enjoy it’s unique taste. 


Feta cheese. I love Feta. I’ll throw it into a salad with lettuce, cucumber, olive oil & sprinkle mixed herbs on top. It’s my version of a Greek salad but without tomatoes & olives.

I have no idea why I don’t have the whole Greek salad experience except that I can’t stand olives or tomatoes. If I have a salad or sandwich that has tomatoes in I will pick them out. Therefore when I do my own salad I’ll leave them out.

Adding Feta to a salad gives it that extra taste & makes it slightly different to the normal typically plain salad. It also seems to give it more oomph & for me makes me want to eat salads daily. In the summer I will happily eat Feta salads with potatoes every day, it makes me feel healthier & lighter.

I could easily get addicted to Feta which may not be a good thing but when cut into tiny pieces & crumbled over a handful of lettuce & cucumber it makes a salad more inviting & sounds fantastically delicious right about now…

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Scrambled? Fried? Sunny side up? Boiled? Poached? Omelette? Scotch egg?

Oh how I despise eggs! I have never eaten them & never will eat them. The smell gets to me first, then the texture, then the sight of them looking all kind of rubbery like especially fried & boiled ones. Ewww.

My family loves them though & throughout the years had tried to encourage me to at least taste them…let’s just say they never tried again! I remember my grandparents loving boiled eggs with slices of toast or fried eggs on slices of ham with chips. My mum liked hers boiled or poached & my sister would eat them anyway but especially liked omelettes.

It wasn’t until I started waitressing that they really got to me. People would request omelette upon omelette or fried egg with ham upon fried egg with ham. All I saw were eggs, eggs, eggs. They taunted me as I delivered someone’s dinner that had a wobbly fried egg on top where I’d place it down with a smile on face cursing at the egg inside my mind. Then I realised every time I got home that the eggs had followed me. Its scent had attached itself to me & all I could smell was egg & chips! So not nice.

So eggs are my enemies & I will continue to avoid those wobbling fried ones that ooze out across the plate when you pierce the yolk…*shivers*…


For some strange reason these posts are taking on a sweet toothed theme! I’ll be the first to stand up & say ‘yes I have a sweet tooth, yes I may be addicted to sugar, but you only live once so what the hell.’

Doughnuts. I love them. I love the sticky sugary icing/dusting. I love the soft doughy texture. But I hate the jam filling. Ok they may sound a little nuts, after all who loves donuts but hates the jam filling. Simple answer…me.

I’m basing this in the UK. We for some odd reason fill doughnuts with sticky, gooey jam. It oozes out everywhere & creates a huge (fun) mess, I have no idea why this is done but it annoys me. I know there are many different varieties out there without jam but they are not the same & technically are not (or should not) be called doughnuts.

When I was younger I had a solution to this problem. I ate round the jam. I would cut out the middle section (as that’s the only place the jam is located) & give it to my sister. She loved it & worked out that she got twice as much whilst I was left with a pathetic small lump of sugary dough. I enjoyed it but it was missing that wow taste power if you know what I mean.

Obviously I tried eating the jam centre but I would just spit it out going ‘yuck’ in the process. Jam just wasn’t my cup of tea. Then I found the ringed doughnuts. These beauties had icing on the top in different flavours: chocolate or strawberry (with hundreds & thousands sprinkled on for extra measure) & not a hint of jam I sight!

These had the wow taste power. They made no mess & they also seemed to have less sugar on them. But you had to buy them in packs of 4. This would be ok if everyone ate them, but in my family I appeared to be the only one who would eat these. Now some may say ‘all the more for you’ I say ‘I felt sick of doughnuts by the fourth day!’

I do not tend to buy doughnuts now…in fact this is making me want one…as there is too many in a pack for just one person. So when I go shopping all I can do is stare & drool over them as I know that sickly feeling all too well for them to hop, skip & jump into my trolley. 


I was going to write about chicken but decided nope that for me wasn’t interesting enough. So I thought I’d write about something sweet…

Chocolate. Yay! Let’s have a big shout out for chocolate. We probably all know we shouldn’t indulge in this deliciously sweet delicacy but we do & when we do it’s extremely enjoyable.

Letting a solid piece melt in your mouth for a long time trying to savour the taste as it lingers on your tongue. Or even when you use it for baking & want to lick the chocolate covered spoon or bowl!

The trouble for me though is that I’m a chocoholic. A few people know this already about me & we used to have great chocolate discussions about your favourite make or flavour. I would try & explain English chocolate while they would tell me all about the American chocolate…yes they seem to taste completely different.

For me though I would happily scoff a whole bar of the sweet stuff without a second thought & I’d also probably start on the next bar too. But now when I’ve eaten a piece I get a sinking feeling. I don’t get the joyous ‘umm’ as I place a bite full in my mouth. This for me is shocking.

Instead I now sit there & think ‘why did I just eat that?’ perhaps after years of being a chocoholic my body is saying ‘hey you’ve eaten most flavours & ranges out there why don’t you give it up completely?’ to which I’ll reply…

‘Hell no! I may not get that ecstatic feeling about a bite of chocolate but I will not give it up. Plus one day there may be a new brand or flavour I haven’t tried & I may just want to taste it just to be sure. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tidal Rave

Tidal Rave

Across countries you wander
attacking shorelines with your mighty currents
as you rise and fall with new tides
sweeping over the dark gloomy rocks
which are hidden deep in the ocean
sometimes catching glimpses of the sun.

Your surface sparkles in the sun
as back and forth you wander
into the vastness of the ocean
skimming the stones with your changing currents
teasing the various rocks
carrying you into the unknown with your tides.

Shimmering against your tides
is the brightness of the summer sun
where wildlife hides under the rocks
as they freely roam and wander
catching the fearless currents
when they migrate through the ocean.

Ships sail across the ocean
beating against the tides
avoiding your unforgiving currents
taking time out in the warm sun
in and out of ports they wander
navigating around the hidden rocks.

Children take home sticks of rocks
once they’ve dipped in the ocean
up and down they wander
playing chicken with the tides
resting and burning in the hot sun
as day turns to night marking new currents.

Waves crash alongside your powerful currents
smashing into the dreary rocks
as the moonlight smothers the sun
creating new desire with the ocean
tempting us with your shifting tides
which cover miles as you slowly wander.

Braveness takes over as people wander over slimy slippery rocks
where your soulful currents catch fallen teardrops in the ocean
as the free flowing tides travel in the setting sun.

 This Sestina was written for the NaBloPoMo Poetry Contest. Why not give it a go yourself!